Some thoughts on preparing your walls for painting.

One home remodeling or improvement project is painting the walls with your preferred colors. This is a simple task that you can complete on your own, provided you have a few tricks up your sleeve to get this done. However, your success after the wall painting project will be determined by the preparation process. 

Some of the ideas that you can adopt for the preparation of the wall before you begin the painting process include the following;

  1. Get rid of any adhesive; if you had stickers or any other form of decorations on the walls, you would need to remove them from the wall. This is also the same for any glue or adhesive that was used to hold the objects or the decorations on the wall. A solution of soap and a little bit of scrubbing will get the job done
  2. protect the outlets and switch covers from the paint; you don’t want to risk having paint all over them
  3. if you notice any dents, tears or holes on the holes, you will have to get them fixed before the painting begins. It would help if you patched them so that when you paint the wall, it is evenly leveled all through its surface
  4. when you notice uneven areas on the wall, you can level them by sanding them. The uneven areas might be caused by a previous coat of paint applied on the wall
  5. protect the trim from paint splattering all over it if you don’t want to be engaged in fixing the trim altogether after the painting the wall
  6. test the color of the paint before you start painting. You want to be satisfied that the paint is of a shade that you are going for. Otherwise, you will regret the results on completion of the painting task