What types of insulation are there?

Insulating your home not only works to make your indoors bearable but also reduced the energy bills at the end of the month. This works for the insulation of your home all through the year under a variety of conditions all through the seasons. However, you have to get the best type of insulation to use for your home to guarantee top performance. 

When choosing appropriate insulation for your home, you are spoilt for choice, thanks to the numerous types. You will be guided by either where you want to install the insulation or the recommended R-values for the rooms that you want to have insulated. 

Spray foam being installed
Spray foam application

Some of the various types of insulations include;

  1. Blanket: batts and rolls- a simple type of insulation that you can install and works for areas with least obstructions. It is also an inexpensive option.
  2. Concrete block insulation-which is a type of insulation option whose cores increase wall R-value.
  3. Foam board and rigid foam insulation-which provide a significantly high value even for a relatively little thickness.
  4. Insulating concrete forms-where the insulation is built within the walls of the home, and this works to create a high thermal resistance.
  5. Loose-fill and brown-in insulation-provides insulation for an already finished area, irregularly shaped, or even where there are numerous obstructions. 
  6. Reflective system insulation- This is another insulation type that you can install and is one of the best when it comes to framing for a standard spacing. It is also highly effective in preventing the downward flow of heat and works well with a suitable spacing
  7. Rigid fibrous installation is a type of insulation that can withstand the highest temperatures common with some extreme seasons of the year

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